Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Our Current Rehearsal Process!

Hello Again!

So sorry for not posting for awhile! We have been so busy with rehearsals and performances and everything else that we have not been able to put any thoughts on paper, but here we are with some updates!

First off, we are completely done blocking Act I except for the "Ten Minutes Ago Reprise!" We are also almost completely done with Act II except for 3 scenes with our ensemble cast and "The Pursuit" so needless to say, we are very close to being done! Our goal is to be able to begin full Act runs in just another week or so!

We are also looking forward to working with our Pit Band soon! We're just so excited, and here are some highlights from the past couple of weeks:



Saturday, February 11, 2017

Week 1 Rehearsals

Hi Everyone!

We have had a great first week working with the cast of Cinderella! This week we managed to learn both the Prologue and The Wedding Scene in our music as a full company. Topher and Ella sang through their combined music in Act I, and we blocked the first 9 scenes of our show! Busy Busy!

What we have been loving the most is the hard work that our cast is putting into everything!

We cannot wait to meet another part of our team this week: our crew! Our first technical design meeting will be this Thursday! Come be a part of the magic!

Here's some pictures from this week!


Friday, February 3, 2017


Wow! Wow! Wow!

Our directors are so tired after all of that...for real. Their minds are spinning from the amazing talent that we saw last night. Thank you so much for bringing your energy. It felt like we saw something amazing, and then another amazing thing and then another amazing thing. It just did not stop!

But, as always, midnight comes and the magic of the evening was over and the directors had to make some tough choices. And those choices will be revealed for all later tonight when they post the cast list. Before that moment, see some tips our directors have for handling casting.

So...the cast list is posted: 

1. More than likely you are going to have one of two reactions: joy or heartbreak. Both are valid and both are important. As you feel these emotions, please be aware of who is around you. They may be dealing with dramatically different emotions and your reaction can set off a chain reaction that may be hard to dig yourself out of.

2. Be realistic. The Directors had to make choices. It is absolutely nothing against the person that you are. There was A LOT of incredible talent last night and choices had to be made. If you were one of the people in the room last night, then you should know just how HARD those decisions were. People were incredible and no one stood out as a clear favorite. It was tough. Don't be so tough on yourself.

3. Do NOT go to social media to blast others. Today, we have more access to each other than ever before and that is a double edged sword. Ms. Cabaniss can remember being in high school and the only "social media" we had was MySpace and blasting each other on there just meant taking someone off your top 8 friends. That was harsh...But, today there are so many other avenues that people can use to hurt each other. It's not worth it. Most of the times, these things are done in anger or reaction and regretted later.

4. Accept this saying: There are no small parts, only small people. This musical is dynamic and energetic and so much fun. If you own who you are, then you won't regret this experience. Sometimes being ensemble or a supporting role can be even more fun than a lead. Not as much pressure and more time to do homework (for real). You can grow in your acting in every single role.

Thank you to all who auditioned. From the bottom of our hearts, we could not be more excited for this process. We hope you are too! 

Now, check the rehearsal schedule and we will see EVERYONE on Monday! 


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Last Day of Auditions and Callbacks!

So it is the last day of auditions and tomorrow is callbacks! How exciting!

We have so enjoyed watching everyone do their best on stage and there have been some stellar performances. We can already tell that this is going to be a fun cast! And we can't wait to see the rest of our friends tonight and have the directors finish the callback list!

Later tonight, our directors will be posting the callbacks list on Just a reminder that even if you do not get a callback, you will still be a part of our family! Feel free to come watch the callbacks and cheer on those who made it. Hopefully, you will see why we made some of those choices.


Be excited! That is such an honor! But remember, you are going to have to work hard at callbacks so be ready and prepared.

Tips for Callbacks: 

1. Wear something comfortable and that you can move in. You may be asked to dance, sing, act, or all of the above.

2. Do not ask to sing/read for a role that you are not given. This is not only unprofessional, but it is really awkward for your directors and those around you. If you are not singing a role, than that isn't going to happen. Focus instead on the role you were called for. You never know;that could be the role that changes everything for you.

3. Do not gossip or chat during callbacks. Pay attention to the people working on stage and to the reactions from the directors. This can be key to figuring out what they are doing that you are not, or ideas for something you may want to try. It also helps paint you as a professional.

4. Do not blast each other via text message or social media. More often than not, this gets back to the directors and it can cause some issues for you among your cast, and more often than not, a chat from the directors. We want to run a professional company. Your professionalism matters.

5. Encourage each other and be positive. A positive attitude and a smile can do more for your chances than you realize. Not only does it relax you, but it relaxes your directors and your scene partners which makes everyone perform better.

Break a Leg and we will see you soon!


Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to have a great audition...

Hi Again!

This weekend we came home with our director, Ms. Cabaniss, and she has been giving us some advice about how to have a great audition so we thought we would share with you!

1. Arrive on time. Just because your audition isn't until 5:30, doesn't mean you should show up then. You should be there earlier just in case auditions go faster than expected, people drop out or someone else arrives late. If you are ready to go when called, you will make a better impression.

2. Warm-Up. Take some time to warm up your body and your voice. It may feel silly, especially if someone else is watching you, but in all seriousness, this is important. Your voice will thank you.

3. Do your research. Make sure you know your lines, your music and the character you are interested in performing. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be on stage.

4. Make eye contact, stand up straight and speak with projection. Even if you are not confident, doing these things will make you appear confident. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart. It will make you feel more balanced and in-control.

5. Focus on the important parts. The Directors will be scoring in some of these key elements: Projection, Articulation, Stage Presence, Ability to stay on key, character work and development, and musicality.

6. Be prepared for a range test. You will be doing a range test which is very simple. Don't overthink it and be warmed up, and it should be no sweat. Don't worry about your voice cracking! That's just the end of your range.

7. Smile. If you seem like you are having a good time, then everyone will have a good time. Being in a musical is fun so have a good attitude and your confidence will soar!

8. Encourage Others. Want to feel confident and also build rapport with your future cast-mates? Then encourage those around you. Don't isolate yourself or bad-talk auditions. It is fine when you are warming up or focusing in to ask for space, but throughout the audition process, smile and cheer on others. This will help you feel more comfortable and it will also help later in the rehearsal process.

Ms. Cabaniss's Best Tips for Warming Up: 
1. Do a mindfulness exercise: Here's an example of a guided one:

but, you can also just isolate yourself with music and focus on your breath. Even a minute of this can allow your mind to clear and for you to focus.

2. Stretch your limbs: arms, legs, torso just like you were about to go for a run.

3. Open and close your mouth several times as large as they go and as small as they go. Then rub your hands across your jawline to warm-up these muscles.

4. Hum gently. Move up and down the octave. Don't overpush, just a slight buzz.

5. Do some tongue twisters by repeating the following words: Unique New York, Red Leather/Yellow Leather, Big Black Bug.

6. And if you are not feeling awake, then do some jumping jacks or hops in place to get the blood moving and circulating.

7. Don't over-rehearse. Practice, but don't drive yourself nuts. It will come off fake or you will be so bored that it will show during your audition.

And don't forget: Make sure your audition form is filled out online and make sure to familiarize yourself with the songs for callbacks just in case you get a callback! We are! 

Break a Leg!! 

Friday, January 27, 2017're saying auditions are next week?

Yep! They are!

We are so excited to cheer on our friends! Ms. Nave and Ms. Cabaniss, our directors, have been hard at work today planning for auditions and going through solo singing parts so that we have everyone assigned for all the roles! We can't wait to see whose names are going to be in those spaces!

We hope you will work hard this weekend to prepare for your auditions!

Have a great weekend!

Roxy and Rocky

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Hi! My name's Roxy and I am a Fox!
And I'm Rocky the Raccoon!
Welcome to our Blog!

So it may seem pretty silly for a fox and raccoon to be writing a blog, but we wanted to chance to share with you some of the cool things that go into producing a show like Cinderella! This blog will be used to share information with our family of students, their families as well as our community! It's a bit like being behind the scenes all the time! So we hope you'll join us for our blog updates at least once a week!

JCHS's Cinderella auditions are only a week away and we are so looking forward to watching the auditions and cheering on our new friends as they try out! Remember to try your best, smile and work hard. We can't wait to meet everyone!


Fox and Raccoon